A friend sent me the article about your being inspired by the movie of my life and it made me smile. Bravo. I thought it might interest you—I prefer to clown for adults—especially elders.  Maybe you’ll come on a clown trip sometime.

Dr. Patch Adams

I really don’t know how to ever thank you for what you did for my husband today. Your overwhelming kindness and generosity meant so much to not only us but our friends, as well.  Bernie has not had much to smile about these past few years, but today he was smiling throughout the entire (sailing) trip. Thank you, thank you, thank you for such a nice day. Take care, and if I can ever do anything to help you please contact me.

Bernie′s wife

I have been practicing pediatric medicine for 35 years and I have never met anyone like Caitlin

Edward Taub, M.D.
America′s Wellness Doctor

My husband and I were impressed with your organization, DreamCatchers, granting wishes for very ill adults. We were impressed with you, your maturity, and the future you have with such a positive and ambitious attitude. Our friend, (patient), has a deteriorating neurological disease which has robbed him of all the activities he has always enjoyed. DreamCatchers put together a schooner trip off of Dana Point, CA to benefit (patient) who has been a life long sailor. The smile on his face was a testament to the success of your efforts. We were thrilled to share this experience with him.

Mr. & Mrs. Tighe