The 2020-2021 Dream Team Scholarship Application is Now Open!

DreamCatchers is proud to support continuing education for our students involved in our chapters. We encourage students to continue with DreamCatchers or serving their communities in some way, and this scholarship is intended to lessen their financial burden as they do so!Eligibility Requirements:

* Must be currently involved with a DreamCatchers chapter

* Must be in high school or college with the intent to continue education next year

* If you are currently in high school but intending to pursue college, you may still apply. The money will be held until you enroll in a higher education institution, at which time we will work directly with the institution to deposit funds. 

* If you are in college, the money will go toward your next tuition payment. 

* If you are a senior in college, you may apply if you plan on continuing your education post-grad.


  • Dream Team Scholarship Application
  • Dream Team Scholarship Guidelines for Recommenders