Stockdale High School (Bakersfield, CA)

Pooja Desai and Anusha Gogulapati – Co-Presidents

Pooja and Anusha are currently seniors at Stockdale High School. They are both extremely passionate about volunteering and have taken a special interest in DreamCatchers due to its direct connection with the medical field. Both Anusha and Pooja actively participate in several other clubs at Stockdale including the National Honor Society and Forensics.

“Dreamcatchers has given me an amazing opportunity to help and learn from the community I love” – Pooja

“My favorite memory of a dream is the time we arranged a birthday party for a 90 year old woman with Alzheimer’s. Her family was incredibly grateful because events like this were an opportunity for them to celebrate her life” – Anusha

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Anniversary Dinner Dream – The club arranged a romantic anniversary dinner for a patient and his girlfriend. The volunteers decorated their home with candles and flowers and served a wonderful steak dinner for the couple.


Birthday Dinner Dream – Stockdale DreamCatchers teamed up with the Liberty High School’s club to throw a beautiful birthday party for a 92 year old patient. Several friends and family members came down to celebrate the special day with lots of food and gifts. Mr. Crawford, who turned 92, especially enjoyed reading the beautiful cards and blowing out the candles on his cake.


Family Party Dream – Stockdale DreamCatchers hosted a final celebration for the rocker at heart patient which brightened his and his family’s life. There were amazing smiles and laughter exchanged, and as we decorated for the party with records and posters, his joy was evident to all our members, making the event a memorable celebration!


90th Birthday Party Dream – DreamCatchers arranged an incredible 90th birthday party for our patient. The patient was greeted by dozens of friends and family members who drove down to celebrate the special event.

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