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Elizabeth Habash

Elizabeth Habash leads the Charter School Dream team. The key team members at the Charter School DreamCatchers Club are (starting back to front, left to right) Albert backYuan, Owen Johansson, Patrick O’Connor, Brian Johannson, Samantha Krass and Eliabeth Habash, who are all sophomores. They plan on continuing the partnership they have with Compassionate Care Hospice to make many dreams come true!

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In November 2015, the Charter School Dream team put together what they called the “Thankful for Family Dinner”. They prepared 10 Thanksgiving turkey baskets with common thanksgiving foods and were able to give them to the families of patients who wouldn’t have been able to afford a family thanksgiving otherwise. Local grocery stores and businesses kindly donated money so we could put all of it together. GO CHARTER SCHOOL DREAMCATCHERS!


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